Map of Varg

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The city of Varg is a bit of an oddity. While it is a primary trade and military hub for the nation of Skarl, it is also the main agricultural city because of its topography. Varg is a large city, fortified heavily with several sets of massive walls. While these walls are of more traditional construction, they are by no means weak. The military forces and barracks are located primarily in the outer ring of walls, but some military buildings can be found scattered around the city.

Varg sits on a large hill in the middle of a plain in the more temperate area of Skarl. It is surrounded by tracts of farmland and many of the merchant trains moving in and out of the nation of Skarl usually make a stop in Varg to see what the markets for their goods are like elsewhere in the country before continuing on to other cities.

The military nature of this town has created a bit more chaos than order. The streets are almost never straight and tend to twist and turn, even ending in dead ends that would confuse any attacker fortunate enough to breach its outer walls.


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