The Crushers

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The Party




Crusher symbolThe Crushers are an upstart but incredibly successful criminal organization based in Walsh. Easily recognizable by the yellow ribbons they wear, the gang is suspected to have engaged in nearly all of the few kinds of criminal activities that do exist in the Garic Federation. They are headed by the reclusive but charismatic gnome Boss Gripe, whose ruthless and indomitable leadership has helped the gang steamroll all competition in Walsh within the space of a few months.

“Protection” schemes are the primary source of income for the Crushers, but almost all of their weaponry and cash is acquired in armed robberies orchestrated on other gangs. They control whole sections of the city and all “business” within their territories must be approved by Gripe himself. The gang has been known to go to extreme lengths to protect their members from prosecution, bribing or intimidating officials and witnesses and even—in one instance—kidnapping the family of the Captain of the Watch.

Many prominent leaders in Walsh are concerned by the meteoric rise of the Crushers and are actively seeking any and all information about their activities.

Notable Members:
Boss Gripe
Fligg Errol

The Crushers

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