Map of Sil

The city of Sil, far to the south in the Skarl Kingdom appears at first glance to be a city held deep in the grips of a permanent winter. This medium-sized port city is actually rather cozy, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at it from outside its frost-coated walls. Sil sits in and around several rocky spires. These spires, known locally as hives, have been hollowed out and house many different kinds of businesses and residences.

The city sits atop a large chain of natural hot springs. These hot springs heat the entire area of the city and despite the bitterly cold temperatures outside the walls, the interior is chilly, but pleasant.

Sil is primarily known as a sailing and shipping depot on the Silverflow River. During the warmer months many ships move up and down the river and then head out to sea. The natural hot springs flow out into Sil’s large harbor and keep ships at anchor from freezing and being damaged by the ice during the harsh winter months. In addition to the shipping Sil is famous for its fishing. The deep cold water to the south of Sil attracts many fishermen looking to bring a huge haul of various sea creatures, many of them delicacies.

Since peace was made between Skarl and the Talarian Empire the two have begun forming several tentative trade ties between Ravenna and Sil. While this is still a fledgling relationship, and many people doubt that the peace will hold, some brave entrepreneurs are trying their best to strengthen the trade ties between the two cities.

Deep under the streets of the city the smithies of Sil are what make it a true powerhouse in Skarl. It is second only to the city of Skarl proper in its metallurgy. The geothermal heat is generated by volcanic vents that are used to fuel large foundries and smithies. There many of the workers help to equip the Skarl military and its auxiliary units for war as well as producing high-quality metal-work for export.


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