Priory of the Open Palm

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The Party




You travel to the Priory of the Open Palm in Walsh’s famed collegial quarter. Most of the students and teachers are busy practicing their stances and combat styles in the courtyard or studying martial philosophy in the classrooms, but a few are eating or standing around and look willing to talk.

The Priory of the Open Palm is the most prominent of several battle colleges in Walsh that use ascetic traditions to teach martial skills. The monks of the Open Palm specialize in unarmed combat, but are careful to also impress their students with the importance of wisdom and self-discipline. A Priory monk will attempt to avoid violence whenever possible, but is deadly when roused, cracking skulls and snapping bones without remorse in the defense of the weak. Many Priory students take jobs as personal or “neighborhood” bodyguards after graduation.

Notable members:
Marlis Thane
Challa Redroot

Priory of the Open Palm

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