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Map of Getheen

Getheen is a large city in the Garic Federation. This sprawling city seems to be haphazardly laid out. While much of the old city is built like normal cities found in the area, large boomtown sections have risen up recently to accommodate the exploding timber trade that Getheen engages in.

This trade makes Getheen unique in that it is one of the primary exporters of lumber to the country of Areen. While Getheen merchants may despise their Areen counterparts, they are more than willing to take their coin in exchange for the highest quality lumber in the Garic Federation. Master craftsmen and woodworkers have given the city a reputation for beautiful art while other companies have made their name producing huge amounts of timber and boards for sale in the Federation and export to foreign buyers.

Part of the reason for this success is the management of the Mannerheim forests and the Ironwood that Getheen backs into. You will find a large number of elves in this city that have dedicated themselves to the research of forestry and have gone so far as to improve their growing cycles with arcane infusions and spells. This group of researchers, called the Hall of the Guilded Leaf, guards their arcane and alchemical methods of forest growth very closely. This has led to forests that rapidly grow back and are far more hardy than average.

The Head of the Gilded Leaf is an Elf named [[Corvin Dren’Cala]] (NG Elf Wizard 14). Corvin is a relatively mild-mannered if somewhat frazzled wizard who has dedicated his life to the research of the Mannerheim and Ironwood Forests and ways to maximize both the growth of this natural habitat and maximize production out of the massive lumber mills. Recently he has had some problems with extremists attacking foresting crews.

The logging trade in the Getheen area has recently come under fire from naturalist groups who insist that the forest should be left in its natural state; they advocate for restrictions on the Guild and a moratorium on all forest activity so that “ancient sites of forest worship” can be investigated.

The outskirts of the city are a little on the rough side as the boomtowners adapt to life in Getheen. This area is known as The Boardwalk. On the interior of the city you will find great houses and workshops of master craftsmen and artisans. The city is dotted with parks which help to give you the feel that this city has grown into the forest it fades into, rather than displacing the massive trees, which are the trade lifeblood of the city.

Because of the tensions with Areen traders, brawls are common in the outer areas of the city and The Boardwalk where saloons and taverns are nearly as common as wooden houses and the boardwalks that run along the roads. Areen merchants that don’t watch their tongue often find a barstool of mug of ale hurtling toward them.

There are several mercenary companies that operate out of Getheen either by independent certification or by franchise. These include the following: Black Mountain Co., The Band of the Scarlet Hand, Gerard’s Irregulars, and Silverpike Security.

Because Getheen has such a large influx of Areen traders it is often seen as a place of intrigue. While most of the mercenary companies are dedicated to private contracting exclusively, The Band of the Scarlet Hand is a counterintelligence group that spends much of its time watching and gathering information on those that come to do business in their borders. This group acts as both an information broker and local security agency to ensure that trade, not espionage, is the primary reason for a visit to Getheen.


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