Garic Spire

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The central tower in New Garen. This massive tower was built as much as a test of arcane power and engineering as it was to show the power of the Federation. This building is as much art as it is a functional structure.

The Spire houses many offices and penthouses while also being the headquarters for the City Council, the Mayor’s Office, The Garic Defense Force, and the Garic Intelligence Service. It is always bustling with activity and whether its is the dead of night or high noon the corridors of this building are usually busy with traffic.

When using one of its many entrances you’re struck by the beauty and craftsmanship around you. The floors of the entry level are jade marble with gold and onyx streaks. The whole place is impeccably clean and yet it’s not overly ostentatious, if it’s possible to say that about the tallest structure on the continent. The decorating in the common areas is of high quality but not overly grandiose. As you walk around and check out the various floors you will find that the inhabitants have added their own personal touches.

Garic Spire

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