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The Party




Map of Clostin

As you enter into the bustling metropolis of Clostin, you’re struck by the number of people heading to the east side of town. It’s auction day in the slave holding and people came from all over Areen to bid. Slaves are almost exclusively owned by the wealthy but many send their retainers to do the buying and selling for them. You’re struck by the number of taverns and inns that provide services for the buyers and sellers that are constantly coming and going from the city. The massive building to the west is the administration and mayoral offices. It’s rose-colored marble has been stained by soot and dust and, while it looks beautiful from a distance, is filthy upon closer inspection. A fitting symbol for a city whose primary trade is human life.

Clostin is a large city in Areen focused primarily around the slave trade. It’s slave holding and auction area is almost a large fort in the east of the city. This fort, however, is designed to keep people in. Other large warehouses and buildings dot the city but the primary business is the slave trade and the large number of taverns and inns the constant flow of buyers and sellers support.

The large marble building in the west is the seat of power in Clostin. It houses offices of the city watch, the tax assessors, the mayor’s office, and the slave trade council. The slave trade council oversees the transfer of slaves from owners to the auctioneers and the payment. The mayor, Vrane Kalar, is a relatively young man to hold such a position. He made his wealth in the slave trade and his family is the wealthiest in the city. He ran for election and when the incumbent suffered an untimely, but seemingly natural, death, he was left running unopposed. He has aggressively pursued the expansion of the slave trade and has made many political threats in the direction of the Garic City of Walsh for it’s refusal to curtail the activities of the Circle of the Broken Shackle.

Since slaves are not cheap large numbers of slaves are often bought using letters of credit drawn on accounts held in the Clostin Trade Bank. These letters of credit are issued to very wealthy buyers based on their deposits in the bank. Monies are then transferred between accounts at the bank. These letters of credit are like bearer bonds in that they can be redeemed for hard currency from the Trade Bank.

Many people in Clostin have gotten very wealthy from the human trafficking that the economy of the city is built upon. Most of them live in the southwest quarter of the city where large mansions and their grounds sprawl out. This area is restricted and gated and only residents or those with a pass from one of the wealthy houses or merchants may pass. This keeps the rabble away from their betters and allows a level of privacy not found anywhere else in the city.

The large number of inns and taverns north of the slave holding and auction area has become known as Taskmaster’s Row. Here many of the buyers, sellers, and regular attendees of the slave trade stay in a variety of accommodations ranging from the plain to the luxurious and ornate. In some of the more rough taverns brawls between competitors are common, and while the city watch keeps a close eye on things they are more likely to let the parties involved have it out than to put their hands on the people who keep the money flowing in the city.

South of the slave holding is an area that can only be called a slum. Here those that didn’t make it in the trade and are barely more than slaves themselves eek out an existence. Crime is rampant and the City Watch normally give the area a wide berth. Strangely enough one of the slave trading organizations has its headquarters not far from the slums of Clostin. The Dancing Crane Trading Company is known as one of the most ruthless slave companies in Clostin. While they put on the veneer of professionalism, they will buy anyone for sale, normally with no questions asked and resell them to the auction houses. The crime from the slums never spills over to the Dancing Crane and rumor has it that the last three thugs to attempt to lift a purse from one of its employees were found crucified to the side of a building in the slums, their eyes burned out and genitals mutilated.

If you’re looking for pleasure you have nowhere else to look but Madam Lavale’s establishment, The Black Rose. Madam Lavale runs an expensive and exclusive brothel in Clostin. Her clients are often nobles or wealthy merchants and slavers. Whether it’s the fine food, wine, and spirits her establishment serves or the companionship that is available to it’s patrons, she has what you’re looking for. Some say that she is the most informed person in Clostin. Madam Lavale recently won a major slander lawsuit when one of her competitors accused her of being an agent of the Circle of the Broken Shackle.


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