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“In no other country will you find an inn like mine: Skarl tobacco, Garic beer, wine from Areen, and cuisine from every corner of Urda.” – Wilem Flinn, proprietor of the Twelve Crossings Inn

Wistron is a small country, which sits between Skarl, Areen, Lumen, and the Talarian Federation. This small country has avoided being gobbled up by its larger neighbors through a strange and complex series of agreements and political treaties. Maintaining its territory has sapped the Wistron Treasury and they have recently lost several key engagements to the vast armies of Lumen, chief among them the loss of Westhelm, a crucial defensive point. Its location makes it a perfect place for agents of many governments to engage in espionage and spies riddle the city. Strangely, the Wistron Government, made up of a council of the three wealthiest families, seems to be completely inaccessible to foreign spies. The four Guild houses based in the capital which manage the magic Wistron brings to bear against its enemies have also been extremely difficult for agents to infiltrate. They were renowned throughout Urda for their very ancient practices and customs, some dating back to the Elven Golden Age.

This small country relies on its small but extremely well trained army for protection. Their signature military units are their archers and pikemen combined with elements of the Free Corps. These volunteer units are renowned for their amazing spy and scout skills as well as brutal mounted combat; they often undertake suicidally dangerous scouting missions into Lumen itself and it is rumored that some agents may even live and work among the Luminians. Wistron’s chief advantage in the war is its unrivaled ability to teleport people and supplies with great accuracy across nearly any distance, a legacy left by the last remnants of the V’aarad in gratitude for the sacrifices made to stop the advance of the Lumen horde. Teleportation in Urda is difficult for most mages due to magical interference from the magical barrier that envelops Urda, but the teleport pads in the capital city allow Winstronian mages to teleport elite units of the army wherever they are needed; the Great Portal to also allows massive and speedy trade with the Garic Federation, without which Wistron would be unable to prosecute the war with Lumen.

Languages: Common, Elvish
Major Cities: Wistron
Economic Keystones: Trade, Finance and Banking, Production of Magical Items and
Weapons, Agriculture, Timber
Magic: Magic is quite common in the small state of Wistron. A traveler can find
anything from clerical orders selling their healing skills to mages that work with hired Skarl blacksmiths to produce fine arcane and divine weapons. The Wistron Military makes devastatingly effective use of their supporting spellcasters who specialize in teleportation in order to move their small army from location to location very rapidly, and in various buffing and offensive spells as well as weather spells to slow down or harass enemy units.
Alliances/Feuds: Wistron is currently at open war with Lumen and is licking its wounds while it reestablishes a defensive line. It is neutral, but supportive of the Garic Federation who hold many of the same social and economic values. Currently, Wistron is on good terms with Skarl. Their alliance does not yet extend to Skarl getting involved in the current war between Wistron and Lumen, though many Skarl blacksmiths are working hand in hand with Wistron spellcasters to produce weapons. Diplomatic relations with Areen have soured in recent years. The government of Wistron, desperate for supplies and troops after the fall of Westhelm, agreed to exchange a large and fertile tract of Wistronian farmland on the Areen border in exchange for gold and troops from Areen; the gold debt was paid, but a change of government in Areen allowed the Seated to renege on the promised reinforcements. The action was technically legal under the laws of Areen and Wistron lawyers—baffled and frustrated by the complex and bureaucratic legal system of Areen—have as yet been unable to compel compliance with the original agreement. Many citizens are still bitter about the betrayal, but the conflict with Lumen is a far more pressing concern.

Cities and Locations:
Border Forts


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