The Party

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The Party




“The Party” is a catch-all designation used to refer to a group of individuals currently operating together in Urda. Originally assembled as a mercenary squad under contract with Redhawk Arms of Walsh, The Party has since founded their own mercenary company in the Garic city of Getheen known as The Iron Ravens.

Current members of The Iron Ravens
CEO: Marcus Jens: An Areen refugee and Swordsage from Walsh.
COO: Oaklav Mel-Gooma: A Goliath Crusader and servant of Pelor.
CFO: Rezan Garrus: An Elvish Ranger from Wistron.
Ianto: A mysterious and secretive Sorceress from Manse.
Calyx Mycroft: A former Red Band Mercenary from Getheen.
Malek Kavath: A Goliath cleric of Fahrlangahn

Former members
Hirshu Kathko the Kinless: Deceased.
Dohaeris of Clan Arrow: Deceased.
Terath Val’dren: Deceased.
Aldarion: Deceased.
John Watson: Traitor. Known to be in hiding somewhere in or near Getheen.
Maximilian Cleona: Recalled by the Church of St. Cuthbert, perhaps captured by forces loyal to the patient one.
Shar Shaddam: Missing—last seen fleeing the party outside Getheen after a murder.

The Party

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