The Iron Ravens

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Group   iron ravens
The Iron Ravens is a mercenary company founded in late 995W by Marcus Jens. It is legally filed as a Title VII, Section 5.2 Mercenary Company in the Garic city of Getheen. They currently have purchased a small building out in The Boardwalk and have employed a secretary named Mirah Teravon.

Local Reputation: ?

Their current assets include:
Their building and headquarters.
Their river ship Hunnin.
A fluid amount of cash or near-cash assets.

Current members of The Iron Ravens
CEO: Marcus Jens: An Areen refugee and Swordsage from Walsh.
COO: Oaklav Mel-Gooma: A Goliath Crusader and servant of Pelor.
CFO: Rezan Garrus: An Elvish Ranger from Wistron.
Ianto: A mysterious and secretive Sorceress from Manse.
Aldarion: A savant, Factotum, and time-travelling refugee from the past.

The Iron Ravens

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