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The Talarian Empire is the product of several generations of work by a single Orc family known as the Talarian. This line of chiefs shaped the tribal hodge-podge of the Orc, Troll, and Goblin peoples into a single unified state through diplomacy with only several battles, a feat formerly thought impossible in this area of the world. These three races have forged an alliance and all are represented in the Senate which allows all citizens to be represented, while the final decisions are made by the individual sitting on the Throne of Steel. The current king of The Talarian Empire is Titus. Titus is attempting to hold his alliance together. The pressure from Lumen initially allowed his grandfather Cavasto to bring the three peoples together. With Lumen concentrating their efforts on Wistron old wounds and political divisions have been opened up again and rumor has it that Titus is scrambling to keep the Alliance intact. Still, despite the feuding, the Empire is a force to be reckoned with. Its combination of well trained Orc infantry, Troll Shock Troops, and the infamous Goblin Corsairs, are more than enough to make any other military commander think twice.

Languages: Orc, Goblin, Troll, Common
Major Cities: Aleria, Byzanta, Lutetia, Ostia, Ravenna
Economic Keystones: Agriculture, Weaponsmithing, Mercenaries, Mining
Magic: The use of magic is relatively unregulated but many of the magic users are drafted into service for a period of time to aid in the defense of the Empire. The society, because of its three distinct racial groups has a variety of shamans as well as several small schools of magic that help to train and maintain the magical supplement that is needed to keep the military functioning.
Alliances and Feuds: The Empire is currently not at war with any nation, having made peace with Skarl with the unification of the races and clans under Cavasto and not currently the focus of the Lumen, who are busy with their war in Wistron. Some of those discharged from military service under the Throne of Steel do enlist in the Free Corps out of Wistron. There is a sense that Lumen is still a threat to this fledgling country and that they might turn their sights on the rich mines and seaports of the Empire if they annex Wistron. At this time the new Empire has yet to establish formal diplomatic relations with any country, save the Garic Federation, and little is known about the actual practices and policies of the Empire.

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Talarian Empire

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