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As you turn onto the dirt path that leads to Tak’s farm, you can see his home set into the a rocky hill about a mile from the main road. A hand-painted sign is staked into the ground—TAKS LAND. GO AWEY. You approach the house and see an Orc slouched in a rocking chair on the porch. He’s wearing farmer’s cloths, straw hat included, and as you walk up he takes a pull from a big brown jug.

Tak was an enterprising Orc first encountered on a farm on the outskirts of Walsh. Little is known about Tak’s early life; it is suspected that many of his dealings prior to meeting The Party were of a criminal nature. At some point he acquired information that led him to believe that a powerful and magical sword and shield were hidden in a tomb near Walsh. He somehow managed to acquire enough money both to buy the farm on which the tomb was located and to hire Redhawk mercenaries to retrieve the artifacts.

Once in possession of the sword and shield, Tak was corrupted and possessed by the mysterious Elven Ghost who guarded them. His whereabouts and activities during this time period are not known, but he resurfaced several months later in New Garen, where he was spotted by The Party wearing fine robes and negotiating with a shopkeeper. When confronted, he appeared not to recognize The Party.

Tak’s last hours were spent in the UnderCity of New Garen. His motivations for joining the Psion Xivilivix in ambushing The Party in the ancient Dwarven ruins are not clear, but it’s likely that Elven Ghost was in complete control of his body at the time. He fought ferociously and managed to behead Rezan Garrus before being felled by a crossbow bolt from Shar Shaddam as he attempted to escape. As Tak died, the Elven Ghost was seen departing his body.


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