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“My life for the people, my breath for the winds, my blood for the crops, my body for the soil, my sword for the Throne.” – Colonel Grimler Kal, before his position was overrun by Areen troops.

Skarl is a nation of warriors. Their society in a way mirrors that of ancient Sparta. They live simply relying on an agricultural base to help feed and supply some of the best infantry melee units on the Continent. Their political climate is one of hereditary monarchy where the crown is passed down from father to a son. Upon the death of the king, the sons of the king all race back to the capital to compete for the crown, usually by means of a journey or quest assigned by the former king in his will. The king may hold absolute power, but relies heavily on a group of political and military advisors. Skarl are known for their impressive infantry—few things are more terrifying than a tactical charge made by an infantry force hailing from Skarl, and in their native mountain country their warriors are nearly unstoppable. Their professional warriors are constantly training and drilling while those in the populace who are not “professionals” drill occasionally to ensure that Skarl has a large force of well trained warriors to draw on in time of need.

Languages: Common, Goliath, Gnome, High Skarl
Major Cities: Basch, Sil, Skarl, Varg
Economic Keystones: Agriculture, Weapons and Armor, Pottery, Lumber, Fishing
Magic: Magic in Skarl is rare and limited mostly to military applications. Various
Warchanters, Sorcerers, and War Wizards serve with The Mystics, a small branch of the army made up of specialized arcane magic casters which provides magical support to the Skarl military. All of the Clerics and Paladins serve with The Stained Ones, a small branch of the army made up of specialized magic casters which provide magical healing and battlefield medical services to the military. Receiving magical healing without military connections is difficult and expensive.
Diplomacy: Skarl has skirmished with Areen for years, particularly under the more militaristic kings of Skarlian history, and on numerous occasions has had border disputes with the Orcish Tribes which have recently become the Talarian Empire in the Aerith mountains; since the formation of the Empire there has been an uneasy peace. Skarl is politically neutral with regards to the Garic Federation, but does hold some respect for their mercenary involvement with Wistron and willingness to help Skarl against Areen. Their current peace with Areen is shaky but holding due to the fact that Skarl forces hold the Paldrin Pass, the only viable route into Skarl from Areen.

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