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Redhawk arms
Founded in 986 W. by veteran adventurer Rearden Jens, Redhawk Arms has quickly grown from an upstart in Walsh’s armed services market to one of the city’s leading mercenary companies.

Smaller than many of its competitors, Redhawk has developed a reputation for fulfilling contracts with speed, stealth, and precision. In spite of Executive Officer Jens’ longstanding policy of rejecting contracts he finds personally reprehensible (e.g. assassinations and intimidations), Redhawk has been able to carve out a niche for itself even in the face of several older, better established companies; the less scrupulous Sable Solutions in particular has been bitterly antagonistic towards Redhawk since its inception.

Redhawk mercenaries generally operate in squads of 5-10 fighters under the command of a Captain. (Any mercenary with a squad command is referred to by this title.) These squads tend to operate together for long periods of time in order to engender trust and accountability between members; the responsibility for any contract accepted by the squad is shared by all members, for better or for worse.

In light of the recent destruction of its headquarters and the disappearance of Rearden Jens, Redhawk Arms is currently not accepting contracts.

Below is an example of a typical Redhawk contract:

Client Service Contract

Redhawk Arms Company – Capt. General Rearden Jens Representing


The purpose of this contract is to: Completely and concisely explain the duties of all Redhawk Arms Co. Employees during their term of agreed upon service with the Redhawk Arms Co. or during such periods where they may accept independent contracts as a trusted consignment squad upon promotion laid out in the previously delivered informational packet on advancement within Redhawk Arms Co.


A. Attached hereto and incorporated by reference, contains the General Terms and Conditions governing work to be performed under this contract, the nature of the working relationship between the Redhawk Arms Co. and the Contractor and specific obligations of both parties.

B. The Contractor will provide services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth below:

The undersigned shall at all times under contract work their assignment and shall to their utmost do so in a way that will maximize the productivity and viability of future contracts which Redhawk Arms Co. may receive from your quality service.

Your tasks may include, but are not limited to: Scouting, Spying, Operations in Total Warfare or in Active Combat Zones, Kidnapping, Ransom, Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Gathering, and under extreme situations assassination in defense of Walsh and her surrounding territories, all allies of Walsh Inclusive.

C. The Contractor shall produce After-Action Reports upon request by their commanding or contracting officer. These reports are to be completed and submitted no later than 7 days upon return from an assignment baring certain medical incapacities laid out in the Insurance Policy the Undersigned has already agreed to pursuant to Section B of this contract.


The undersigned shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect positively on Redhawk Arms.
• The undersigned shall, to the best of their ability, refrain from unnecessary drunkenness or other forms of incapacitation while actively contracted through the Redhawk Arms Co. Redhawk may not be held liable for the actions of the undersigned engaged in non-concomitantly with their period of contracted service.
• The undersigned shall, to the best of their ability, refrain from unnecessary collateral damage while contracted through the Redhawk Arms Co.
• The undersigned shall, to the best of their ability, refrain from the unnecessary death or dismemberment of combatants who could be held for ransom. Remember, you make more money off the ransom if they come back whole!
• The undersigned shall, never under any circumstances create or enable a clear and present danger to the Garic Federation or its Allies.
• The undersigned shall, to the best of their abilities, refrain from disrupting trade between the various independent Trade groups and their customers unless such trade would pose a clear and present danger to this company, The Garic Federation, or its Allies.
• The undersigned shall, to the best of their abilities, refrain from violence and escalation with any other Garic Mercenary Companies Which includes but is not limited to any Group, Company, or Association chartered under Garic Federation Statute 2.1.


Redhawk Arms Co. may, in its sole discretion, by written notice to the contractor, terminate this contract if it finds, after due notice and examination by the contracting officer, that there is a violation of the Ethics Agreement found above in section I, or any similar statute involving the contractor in the procurement of or performance under, this contract.

In the event this contract is terminated as provided above, the Department shall be entitled to pursue the same remedies against the contractor as it could pursue in the event of a breach of the contract by the contractor.

The rights and remedies of Redhawk Arms Co. provided for in this clause shall not be exclusive and are in addition to any other rights and remedies stipulated by the Agreement to Employment previously agreed upon by all parties concerned.

Breach of any of these statutes may result in the following:
• Fines
• Forfeitures of all monetary and property gains made as compensation from Redhawk Arms Co.
• Loss of Rank, Demotion
• Probation
• Dismissal.
• In extreme cases of open treason, Legal action may be taken pursuant to Section 1.1 of the Redhawk Arms Company’s Garic Charter. This may include loss of limb, visible scaring, and even execution.

Damaged Goods, Company Reinvestment, and Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby signify that I will accept the following behavioral stipulations and specifications under penalty of prosecution or arbitration under Garic Federation statute 3.42 and 3.43 respectively:

 All contracts I accept will be completed as specified by the Deputy of Operations within the assigned time frame.
 I hereby release all right to bring suit against Redhawk Arms and all Redhawk Arms affiliates for any injury, temporary or otherwise, to my person and property, up to and including Bankruptcy, Dismemberment, Disgrace, Polymorph, Psychological Damage, Undeath or Death.
 When in the field I will operate as per the instructions of my commanding officer as specified by the Deputy of Operations.
 I agree to accept all responsibility for any contracting work I undertake and to reimburse Redhawk Arms for any contract I may fail to complete due to misconduct, incompetence, et. al.
 I further agree to submit 20% (or 20% equivalent in gold or platinum) of all wealth acquired
by me in pursuit of a Redhawk contract and 10% (or 10% equivalent in gold or platinum) of all
wealth acquired by me in pursuit of any free agent contract, until my term of service is complete.



Rearden Jens

Redhawk Arms

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