Rearden Jens

Redhawk arms
. . . the footman leads you into out of the waiting room and into the office; inside, an enormous desk of expensive-looking wood dominates the decor. . . seated behind the huge desk in an equally impressive chair is Rearden Jens. Though younger than you expected, he has that air of confidence and authority which is only achieved by the seasoned and successful warrior. His garb, in contrast to his office, is unremarkable and frugal, but you notice immediately that his skin is incredibly pale, almost ivory-colored, and that his hair is flecked and streaked with what appears to be gold.

The best place to find information on Rearden Jens is among the mercenaries at the company he founded, Redhawk Arms; there is little hope, however, that any information so gathered would be true. To members of the company, Rearden Jens is a legendary figure whose exploits are said to include looting the Royal Vault of Skarl, killing a 12-headed Hydra in single combat, and tricking a high priest of Pelor into bringing him back from the dead.

Areen census records indicate that Rearden Jens was born in 957 W. His father was one Tharo Jens, a shareholder on a small farm not far from the Volan River. When Rearden was 13, Tharo was murdered resisting a land grab by one Harman Alvessa, the wealthy owner of a nearby plantation. Rearden led his mother Alma, sister Embrith, and infant brother Marcus out of Areen and worked as an indentured servant in the Garic Federation until he found employment for his mother. After that, there would be no official records relating to Rearden until he arrived in Walsh in 986 W. with a wagon full of gold; within a week he had bought out an old and flagging mercenary company and reincorporated it under the banner of Redhawk Arms. He has been living profitably in Walsh ever since.

Rearden was responsible for first assembling The Party as a Redhawk squad in 995 W. under the command of his brother Marcus. He was wounded and maimed by an explosive planted by the traitor John Watson, but recovered after Oaklav Mel-Gooma interceded on his behalf with Father Ireneus, the head priest of the Church of Pelor in Walsh.

He has been missing since the Redhawk company headquarters were destroyed in a powerful, magically enhanced explosion of unknown origin.

Rearden Jens

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