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Rad gul
The Râd Gûl , translated as “The Path of Secret Knowledge”, is an organization that hails from the Isle of Manse. While Manse tends to treat most of the other nations Urda, excepting the Garic Cities, with an air of watchful neglect, they do have a vast information and contact network in various countries. This is the Râd Gûl.

The Râd Gûl has split itself into three categories:

  • Râd Thurin, translated “The Path of Secrets”: Intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Râd Hathol, translated “The Path of the Blade”: Operations, strikes, and military combat
  • Râd Dîn, translated “The Path of Silence”: Independent Operators, Inquisitors,and Assassins

The Intelligence branch, the Râd Thurin, is tasked with maintaining the huge information and spy network that keeps tabs on events in Urda. The Râd Gûl is subject to many rumors and myths which the members of the Intelligence branch actively cultivate to keep people from guessing their true nature. In addition the Intelligence branch is responsible for the analysis of primary data and information from their informants.

The Operations branch, the Râd Hathol, is usually tasked with the investigation of magical artifacts and items, Counterintelligence, and, if need be, direct intervention and assault. The use of open force and military strikes are rare but Manse, being one of the last vestiges of V’aarad culture, takes its security very seriously. There are rumors that the Operations branch may be making inroads into Wistron in an attempt to shore up their defenses against Lumen but no hard evidence has come to light.

The final branch, the Râd Dîn, is a small but extremely lethal group of individuals. This group is formed of the Râd Gûl’s elite members and operators. They are a power unto themselves and are often scattered around Urda, with the objective of stopping problems before they become major issues. The Râd Dîn is also tasked with the investigation, pursuit, and, if need be, elimination of rogue/insane magic users, or to bring one of their own to justice. The Râd Dîn is small but operates with very few rules restricting their behavior. They are usually seen as either glorious heroes or feral attack dogs depending on the individual.

Râd Gûl

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