Master Gurloes

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A balding and haughty looking man stands before you. Dressed in fine cloths and wearing the dark green stole that is a sign of his status, he looks down his narrow nose at you. His shoulders are stooped and his once-tall frame has become slouched. His belly is large, giving him the look of a bloated wading bird.

Master Gurloes is one of the many large plantation owners that make up the elite, wealthy, and upper-class of Areen. His lands are in the western portion of Areen, roughly three days hard ride from the Garic Border.

Master Gurloes’ plantation is made up of small town which includes his large mansion house, large stables, and a barracks for his personal guard. He keeps dozens of slaves to care for both his mansion and the holdings that he does not lease to sharecroppers.

Master Gurloes’ first interaction with The Party was during their mission to deliver a weapon shipment from various smiths in and around Walsh to him via the merchant Gurt Toffus. During the time there The Party was able to free several of the slaves that had been sold to Gurloes, in the process Rezon Garrus and Marcus Jens killed one of Gurloes house guards. After the delivery of the items, Master Gurloes summoned Maximilian Cleona to meet with him and charged him with stealing back the money they were to transport back to Walsh. The Party, of course rejected him and, after an attack from Captain Palaemon and John Watson were able to get back to Walsh safely. Gurloes, infuriated with their actions had a death warrant issued for both Rezon Garrus and Marcus Jens.

The Party was able to blend in by calling themselves the “Iron Ravens”. After finding (Gypsy brother), they hatched a plan to eliminate Gurloes and free (gypsy brother). Gurloes was caught in his study by Marcus Jens and Terath Val’dren. During the assault, Marcus took him hostage and had his body guards lay down their weapons only to be executed by Terath. Gurloes was questioned by Marcus before being executed. Marcus carved off his face for the purposes of saving some of the party from a Geas spell.

The current status of his lands is unknown but Marcus and Terath fled with tens of thousands of gold worth in land and mineral grants.

“Give my regards to the Chain Devils you son of a bitch” – Marcus Jens before driving his weapon through Gurloes’ throat.

Master Gurloes

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