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Little is known about what goes on beyond the borders of Lumen. Those few Luminians who manage to flee to other nations are usually starved and brainwashed, often beyond repair; they tell stories of a land ruled by privation and fear. The Coucil of Ten, a shadowy and distant group never seen by anyone beyond a small inner circle, rules with an iron fist and exterminates all dissent within Lumen without mercy. Luminian society is based around communal possession of land and produce, but the taxes imposed by the Council of Ten to finance the war with Wistron leave the average subsistence farmer little room for comfort or error; citizens who fail to meet production quotas are considered in debt to the People and must work in one of Lumen’s many mining communities until their obligations are paid. Laws are enforced by “The Hand of the Ten,” elite and much-feared squads of Psionic warriors and inquisitors.

For most of its thousand year history Lumen has avoided open warfare—any trespass of the border was met with overwhelming force, but apart from that the warriors of Lumen remained out of sight. For the last hundred years, however, Lumen has been in a constantly escalating war with Wistron. Five years ago the fortress city of Westhelm fell under Luminian control; it is rumored that one or more members of the Council of Ten, absent from the capital for the first time in hundreds of years, were present at the battle and may even now be part of the occupying force in the city.

Languages: Luminian
Major Cities: Castra, Duten, Hyl, Lumen, Karah, Westhelm
Economic Keystones: Agricultural, Lumen Mines
Magic: The Government of Lumen and its local governors have forbidden the use of
magic and harshly prosecute those who are caught breaking the law. Often these people disappear in the middle of the night, taken by the Lumen secret police, known as the “Hand of the Ten” and are never seen again. Lumen makes it a practice to execute any enemy spellcasters they are able to capture, regardless of their race.
Diplomacy: Lumen is currently in open war with Wistron, and rumors suggest that the Council of Ten are anticipating victory over their smaller neighbor by the year 1000. They have yet to openly move against other nations but maintain no official diplomatic relationships. They view all the other countries on Urda with disdain, saying that they exploit the common man through magic and trade. Races other than Human are not tolerated within the borders of Lumen except as slaves.


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