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“Mr. Jenson! What in the nine hells are you doing with that wand? GAH! In the name of all that is holy will you turn Ms. Clentar back into her human form. I’m sure that you think that it’s funny to change her into a sparrow but that kind of behavior is simply unacceptable in my class. … Now where were we? Ah yes, Necromancy. Now necromancy is the study of life flow…” – Professor Calvin Farnsworth, lecturer at the Arcane College

The Isle of Manse, a society based solely around the use and research of magic, is unique in Urda. These arcane and divine spellcasters spend their time in the primary city of Manse, studying magic. They wield great power and yet rarely choose to involve themselves in the political workings of the other countries, with the exception of the Garic Federation. This island is one of the last vestiges of High Elven society, and though few records survived the fall of V’aarad and most of these are incomplete, there is a sense that they continue the cultural tradition of the Elven Golden Age. The Isle of Manse is very closely tied to the Garic Federation as the two have a tight-knit trade relationship for both magical teaching and the trade of Magic Items, the best of which come only from the Isle.

Languages: Common, Draconic, Elvish, Gnomish, Sylvan, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial
Major Cities: Manse
Economic Keystones: Magic, Production of Magical Items
Magic: On the Isle of Manse, magic is life. Those on the island spend their time
tinkering with the arcane and divine or serving those who do. The Island is entirely self-sufficient, with crops and herds being grown and enhanced with magic. Magic is used so commonly that it is not uncommon to see a wizard of low power working as a master cook for the school, using his spells to augment and prepare his dishes.
Diplomacy: The Isle of Manse has maintained a very close relationship with the Garic cities ever since they were persuaded to trade by some of the original founders of the Federation, but the mages stay isolated from most of the other countries in Urda. Their trade in Magic makes them a bitter enemy of Lumen. Certain factions in Manse actively support military intervention against Lumen, and occasionally some will volunteer for the Wistron Free Corps. Most of the populace of the Isle look down on the political control exercised over magic by Areen and in general treat other nations with a sense of benign neglect.

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Râd Gûl
Andrel An-Durith

Isle of Manse

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