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“Freedom is not bought with gold or treasure. It’s paid for with the blood of free people and built on the foundations of free exchange.” –Gwendolyn Shaal, Mayor of Getheen

The Garic Federation are a collection of cities that have banded together to form a confederation to oppose Areen expansion into their territory and provide general protection and trade with each other as well as their close ally the Isle of Manse. Their political climate is very open and often is marked more so by lack of national politics than dabbling in foreign affairs. The leaders of each city are elected but have very limited powers, mostly the enforcement of property rights laws and the use of the highly trained armies of the city states. Each city has basic autonomy from its neighbors and determines the majority of its laws independently.

Free trade is the order of the day and government interference in the economic habits of its businesses and populace is nearly nonexistent. The Garic Federation is heavily supported by the key city of New Garen, built in 850 W. to facilitate trade from the Bariv River and the Great Portal to Wistron. New Garen is a city comprised mostly of Elves and Humans, though many different species and races coexist in it and nearly every other city in the Federation. Because of the trade laws these cities are the primary trade hubs for magical items and artifacts, many of which come from the Isle of Manse. Their close relationship makes an attack on one an attack on both, and between the armies of specialized Mercenaries and the magical might of the Isle, an invasion of the territory would prove difficult.

Languages: Common, Elvish, Gnome, Draconic, Local Dialects (almost any)
Major Cities: Getheen, New Garen, Valan, Walsh
Economic Keystones: Trade, Weapon and Armor crafting, Agriculture, Technology, Magic, Mercenaries, Timber, Shipbuilding
Magic: Unlike its neighbor, Areen, the Garic Federation put few regulations on the
spellcasters within its borders, making it a very popular place for Areen expatriates and Lumen refugees who do not want to operate under the watchful eye of the state. This move has greatly aided the Garic Cities both in the realms of magical research and the effectiveness of its small military forces. Some elements in the Federation are actively working to undermine the state of Areen through trade restrictions because of their oppression and control of magic users as well as their trade laws which disrupt the flow of goods, but several of the cities—Getheen in particular—have working relationships with the Areen government supplying magic weapons and other hard-to-get items in exchange for grain and meat from the plantations. Because of the influx of spellcasters both arcane and divine, the price of magical services, weapons and items is much lower in the Federation than elsewhere in Urda.
Diplomacy: The Garic Federation have been in an on and off state of tension with the nation of Areen for years, though actual skirmishes are rare in recent years. It has a strong alliance with The Isle of Manse and spellcasters and diplomats often travel between the two countries for purposes of trade and training in the various schools of magic. The Federation is currently on neutral but friendly terms with Skarl, often smuggling goods through Areen controlled land to reach their southern customers. They are carefully watching the actions of Lumen but the leaders of the various cities have yet to get the armies of the Federation involved in the Lumen/Wistron war. The Federation, however, provides Wistron with invaluable economic support through the use of the Great Portal, which allows Garic goods and mercenaries to travel instantly to the front.

Cities & Locations:
New Garen
- Diplomats Quarter
- Garic Spire
- Great Portal
- The UnderCity
Organizations in New Garen:

City Council
Garic Defense Force
Garic Intelligence Service
Hall of Justice

-The Gladiator
-Redhawk Arms
Organizations in Walsh:

Circle of the Broken Shackle
The Crushers
Priory of the Open Palm

-The Boardwalk
Organizations in Getheen:

Band of the Scarlet Hand
Hall of the Guilded Leaf


Garic Federation

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