Boss Gripe

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As you enter the shadowy room you all immediately notice the same thing—seated across the table is the fattest gnome you have ever seen. His bulk, which spreads out in front of him under waves and mounded hills of expensive-looking clothing, is apparently supported by a rolling dais of some kind. The two gnarled and scarred bodyguards flanking the obscene mass are also gnomes—this must be Boss Gripe.

“Boss” Gripe is the enigmatic leader of the Crushers gang in Walsh. He is a morbidly, horrifically obese gnome who appeared in the city in the winter of 994 W., seemingly out of nowhere. He quickly gathered a small group of loyal followers and began a ruthless, systematic, and (nearly) complete take-over of criminal activity in Walsh; under his charismatic leadership the Crushers have rocketed to prominence and are now the city’s largest organized crime syndicate by far. Gripe is reclusive, preferring to conduct most business through proxies. He has a reputation for brutality to those who oppose him or betray him, but to those who are willing to pay for his “protection” he can be fair and even helpful; the territory fully controlled by the Crushers is actually one of the most crime-free areas in the city.

Gripe is also known for going to great lengths to protect what he calls “his people.” When a mid-ranking member of the Crushers named Fligg Errol was captured and interrogated by The Party, for instance, Gripe ordered the kidnapping of Captain of the Watch Jonas Vekkert‘s wife and young daughter and threatened to murder them if the Captain did not use his position to arrest The Party and free Errol. When he was presented with evidence of Fligg’s involvement in the rape and murder of Challa Redroot, however, Gripe returned Vekkert’s family immediately and Fligg has not been seen since.

All in all, Boss Gripe is a strange, worrisome, and fascinating individual who is quickly becoming one of the most important figures in Walsh.

Boss Gripe

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