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“Bureaucracy goes hand in hand with democracy; government simply gives the people what they ask for. How fortunate for us that we get to inform the people what they should desire.” –Marcus Burke, political lobbyist

Areen is a very large nation which was forged out of many smaller fiefs and plantation cabals several hundred years ago. During the fall of V’aarad there were rumors of violence done by the people of what would become Areen to their former Elven overlords; the area has been decidedly pro-human since, though never officially and never as violently as Lumen. Their society is a progressive one where social welfare is couched in terms of moral compulsion but which is more often used to prop up political lackeys of various politicians. The country is still riding its economic and trade profit from its past but has begun to slip into economic decline. The government is a Democratic Republic where a legislature, known as The Seated, is elected and then a head of state is elected from within that legislature. Political infighting, corruption, and special interest groups run rampant and have begun to undermine the economic status of Areen, though few of the common people can see it. The small upper class in Areen is composed of government officials and businessmen, most of whom own massive plantations and pasturelands worked by slaves or indentured servants; the lower classes—which make up more than 95% of Areen’s population—gravitate towards the cities.

Languages: Common, Various local dialects
Major Cities: Areen, Clostin, Vaan, Vale, Fallowmore
Economic Keystones: Agriculture, Fishing, Trade, Husbandry, Manufacturing
Magic: The use of magic is carefully controlled by the state. Its use outside of
prescribed limits, which are very narrow, is harshly punished. This has led to most magic users working directly for the Areen government as advisors, researchers, or combatants. Most combat mages and clerics specialize in illusion and confusion spells to disrupt the enemy in order to allow their heavy cavalry to make a decisive and crippling attack.
Diplomacy: Areen has been been relatively peaceful despite some border skirmishes with both Skarl and the Garic Federation. They recently gobbled up a large and fertile section of Wistron through a slick bit of diplomacy. Areen is a military juggernaut but is difficult to get moving quickly. Much of Areen’s military is composed of heavy cavalry—these mounted warriors helped to unite this massive nation from the Bay of Areen to the windswept plains of the southwest.

Cities and Locations:
Aloueth Bay
Organizations in Areen:

The Seated



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