The Lost Continent

The Ambush

Death and revelation in the Undercity





The Party




  • The Party delved into the ruins they had discovered in the UnderCity, hoping to find some sign on the kidnapped Elves.
  • Everyone was struck by the similarities between these ruins and the ones they had recently discovered (and destroyed) near Walsh; Ianto repeated her outlandish claim that the ruins were Dwarven in origin. The rest of the Party was skeptical, and Ianto refused to provide any evidence corroborating her claim, but once again her knowledge (whatever its source) proved invaluable to the Party as they attempted to make their way through the dark and dangerous passages.
  • A body was discovered, the remnants of its head scattered explosively across the small room in which it was found. Maximilian was able to identify it positively as a member of the Duego family.
  • The Party was able to sneak past a pair of powerful golem guardians without incident by employing artifacts found in the ruins.
  • The Party encountered resistance deeper in the ruins; emaciated humans and elves, wielding staffs that cast dangerous bolts of purple energy, attacked with reckless force. Their starved and filthy appearance reminded the Party strongly of the thralls they had encountered in the ruins near Walsh; the Party began to suspect Psionic involvement.
  • As the Party ventured further in, Oaklav experienced an almost unbearable premonition of danger and withdrew to pray to Pelor; within moments, he saw Rearden materialize for an instant in front of him. Rearden appeared to be in the act of examining Oaklav’s ring and, for a split second, seemed to notice Oaklav; in flash, however, the image had vanished, leaving behind only the ring, glowing a brilliant gold. The Party gathered around as Oaklav placed the ring on his finger.
  • The face of an old man appeared, hovering above the ring. The old man addressed Oaklav familiarly as “my son” and warned him that he was walking into a trap; moving further into the ruins would be incredibly dangerous, perhaps even lethal. He added, however, that the risk was necessary as countless lives were at stake; a Psion named Xivilivix, he said, was mere moments away from completing a ritual which could cause untold pain and suffering all over Urda. Insisting that there was no time to explain, he commanded Oaklav to lead the Party into the trap immediately and stop Xivilivix, no matter what the cost. The old man promised Oaklav that he was on his way and would rescue the Party if he could, then the image faded and disappeared.
  • Oaklav refused to explain the reappearance of the ring or the strange conversation, saying only that the old man was his “master” and that he trusted him with his life; he strode forward, weapon in hand, and the Party followed. Ahead they heard voices—shouting a challenge, they charged down a stone corridor and into battle.
  • The Psion Xivilivix had assembled a small army and seemed to be expecting attack. Most of the combatants were of the sort the Party had encountered further back in the ruins—starved-looking thralls armed with energy weapons—but the Party was shocked by the appearance of several familiar faces: Tak the Orc, whom they had spotted earlier that day in the market, now wore shining armor and hissed insults at the Party as he slashed at them with his magic sword; Captain Palaemon, clad in a massive suit of stone armor, fought with a rage that was terrible to behold; and John Watson, infuriating as ever, cackled wildly as he traded spells with Ianto. Hovering at the back of the chamber was a portal of some kind, similar in appearance to the one the Party had recently discovered near Walsh.
  • The fight was short and brutal. Captain Maximilian’s summoned creatures swarmed the thralls and kept their deadly weapons pointed away from the Party. Captain Palaemon waded into combat and laid about with an enormous hammer; Oaklav held him for as long as he could, but he almost certainly would have been killed but for the quick thinking of Terath, who leapt courageously onto Palaemon’s back and managed to poison him, forcing the Longstrider to flee cursing, his face a melted ruin. Tak exploited a moment of inattention by Rezan to slip in behind him and attack, severing his head from his body in a single stroke. Moments later Tak was dead, pierced through the neck by two of Shar Shaddam’s quarrels; as he died the Elven Ghost fled wailing from his body. Xivilivix himself was surrounded and cut down. However his “death” was shown to be a ruse when he abruptly came to right before Marcus Jens beheaded him. The survivors (Watson and Palaemon) escaped through a magical portal similar to the one discovered near Walsh. (It closed seconds later.)
  • Several surviving members of the Duego family were found unconscious near the portal and rescued.
  • With Rezan dead, the Party had little stomach for further exploration.



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